Categories Of MAAT Qualified Accountants In Bury

Categories Of MAAT Qualified Accountants In Bury

Almost every company needs an accountant to help achieve the already set goals. It is important to note that there are different professional bodies within accountancy. Each body has entry requirements, which are different from the other bodies. One should register as a member of each body at will, without being forced by anyone. MAAT Qualified accountants in bury, are required to abide by rules and regulations of the body.

The Association of Accounting Technicians is a body whose members have qualifications in finance and accounting. The members have proven that, there are many benefits one acquires on becoming a member. The body intends to implement the required code of ethics within the profession. The body works tirelessly, around the clock to ensure that the profession remains highly respected and trustworthy.

Members are required to comply with the regulations of organization to the letter. They are also expected to behave and act professionally at all times when performing official duties. At the same time, every member is required to do the job in an ethical manner. All these requirements are intended to up-hold the good image of profession.

Members engage in activities that are intended to improve their skills and competence. This is achieved by undertaking regular educational programs within the field. This ensures that members acquire information that is up to date and are conversant with upcoming technology in the field. Accountants, who are not members of body, may find it quite hard when operating machines that are new within the field.

The association of accounting technicians is divided into various categories. Persons who are still training are referred to as students. This is the initial category of profession. The affiliate category comprises persons who have already completed required AAT qualifications. Members of this category work hard to ensure that they acquire the intended skills. They too struggle to achieve the required job experience before becoming full members.

The next category comprises Member of the Association of the Accounting Technicians. These are those who have attained all the required qualifications in the field. In addition to these qualifications, they are also required to have an additional working experience in the area. It is comprised of highly trained persons who comprehend all rules and regulations of body.

Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians is the next category within the body. Persons within this level are expected to exude advanced expertise, sustained professionalism and high level of experience. Before one can apply for this category, he or she is required to have been a member of MAAT for a period of more than five years. Those who have less than five years as members of MAAT are not eligible to apply.

AAT members offering consultancy services to other persons who are not members are referred to as Registered Member in Practice. Anyone offering these kinds of services is required to be approved by AAT. On the other hand, a Licensed Member in Practice is allowed to offer accounting, consultancy and taxation to public.