Are You Ready For Brexit? Changes That Will Happen After The Exit

Are You Ready For Brexit? Changes That Will Happen After The Exit - Northwood Accountancy

Are You Ready For Brexit? Changes That Will Happen After The Exit

The European Union has now accepted and approved the request of the United Kingdom to extend the exit deadline to the 31st of January in 2020. If there is no agreement set up and the deadline arrives, then the United Kingdom will have to exit without a deal. Are you ready for Brexit? To answer this question, one has to think about all the factors that will change.

Various people may be affected by this exit, including businesses and European union citizens that are living in the UK, as well as United Kingdom nationals that are living in the European Union. When the exit is in full effect, travel to Europe will require checking on your passport, attaining travel insurance that normally covers healthcare, and ensuring that you have the appropriate driving documents.

When you are living as well as working in any EU country, you may be affected after the exit. The changes after the Brexit will depend on the regulations set up by the country you live in. You may just have to register and apply for residency. You also should check whether or not you are insured for healthcare. It is important to note that you must change your United Kingdom driving license with one that is issued by the EU country you live in.

If one is staying in the UK and they are an EU citizen they will need to assess and see if they will be required to apply for a settlement scheme. This may apply if you are from the European Union, from Switzerland, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein. As a business, you must ensure that you are fully prepared to follow the changed rules due to this exit, especially those that export and import goods to the EU.

Such a business enterprise may face both opportunities as well as challenges. It is therefore important to draw plans that may be short or medium term. There are some actions you must take as a business that exports and imports goods in the EU. For starters, you should register to apply for an EORI number.

Check out and find out whether or not the business enterprise is ready to continue to ship goods to the EU. This means that you have to check out if your enterprise has staff that are trained and have knowledge of customs matters. You should determine whether or not your business has the technical capacity as well as know-how in such matters.

You also must ensure and assess how custom declarations on exports and the imports will have an effect on your supply chain, finances, and stock, among other things. These are some of the factors that will help you prepare for this exit. It will put you in the best position to navigate throughout the whole process.

The UK exiting the European Union may pose both opportunities as well as challenges to your business. It is, therefore, important to check and take action that will enable your business to gain maximum opportunities. This will ensure that you remain in business for many years to come.